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I would like to handle one and take a good look at things in person. Also since they are advertising this as an out of the box, ready for competition piece what kind of ccuracy they are advertising.

I had all this “ready for competition” bluster on my SA, SS, 9mm RO and can tell you that if you were intent on just blowing some rounds downrange and losing it was the gun for that, a couple of trips back to SA, one to SACs and some additional work by me and the gun is decent enough (could have bought a DW PM9 for less). The point here being is the Ruger actually good enough to compete or just marketing bluster.

As a side note I have multiple Rugers and they all just run and run well, no complaints and all are really more accurate than the shooter but all combined I don’t have $2500 in the lot. My .02

One thing i’ll add is that this kinda reminds me of my Sig STX that I bought from their pro shop with the Sig Custom Shop label on it and claimed hand fitting as well as Premium materials (whatever that means) the Sig is a very nice well fitted piece, way more accurate than I am. Great gun ! And only $1000 OTD. I’ll also add in my p210 target that’s also supposedly been through the Sig custom shop, very fine gun and probably the smoothest action i’ve Experienced (including my ed Brown 9mm executive) short of a ACW/Cabot, all in at $1300 OTD. Ruger’s got their work cut out for them, I hope in a year we’ll all be standing in line to get one but....Again just my .02

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