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Help: retaining screw on Heinie Slant-pro rear sight

I had set of Heinie sights installed by a gunsmith. The rear sight was returned without a retaining screw. While the sight seem tight, I wrote the gunsmith (who is several states away) and asked him to mail me the necessary screw. When I tried to install the screw, it turned easily about three turns, but then became difficult to turn. It was the correct screw and was not cross threaded. I kept on turning the screw forward and back and applied some oil to it. I now have the top of the screw flush with the surface of the sight. CAN THOSE OF YOU WITH HEINIE SIGHTS TELL ME IF THIS IS THE CORRECT POSITION OR IS THE SCREW ON THEIR SIGHTS BELOW THE SURFACE? IF YOU COULD POST A PHOTO, THAT WOULD BE A BIG HELP.

I would like to thank all the members of this forum who have been so helpful in the past. This forum is head and shoulders above the other 1911 forums on the net.
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