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Originally Posted by Colt191145 View Post
Our governor is a rabid anti gun communist. Evers would like nothing better than to join all the other leftist communist governors in other states to destroy the Constitution, specifically the 2A.
Yes, he is an enemy of the people if you ask me. The folks in the Republik of Madison might think he's the second coming, but folks around my neck of the woods aren't impressed.

Originally Posted by Colt191145 View Post
Fortunately we have a conservative majority in the house. I do not put much faith in them staying the course though, as with the federal congress conservatives their legs can get wobbly when challenged.
True that! There is a majority of Republicans, but not necessarily a majority of conservatives. At least that's how it seems to work out all too often.

Originally Posted by Colt191145 View Post
They can shove any unconstitutional legislation up their butts.
Amen Brother!!

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