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Old 02-25-2020, 10:23 AM
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Our governor is a rabid anti gun communist. Evers would like nothing better than to join all the other leftist communist governors in other states to destroy the Constitution, specifically the 2A.

Fortunately we have a conservative majority in the house. I do not put much faith in them staying the course though, as with the federal congress conservatives their legs can get wobbly when challenged.

Milwaukee and Madison communists want to rule the state and enforce their crap onto the rest of the state.

Not happening. They can shove any unconstitutional legislation up their butts.

Communists do not live in a world where any opposition can have a voice. These high school students are doing just that, and the commies will do everything possible to keep it from spreading.

Just taking this to court is a thorn in the commie agenda.
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