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Using red dot optic sights and reading glasses....

I can't use my 'readers' with a red dot, it looks like a star burst!
When shooting with iron sights on a 5" 1911 slide, I use reading glasses with 1.75 diopter lenses. When using red dot optics, I switch and use Elvex RX-500 impact resistant glasses in a .75 diopter, and this does not cause any starburst effect with my eyes when shooting in daylight conditions. Using red dot optics may have a very slight starburst or fuzzy dot when shooting at night, but this may require a lower diopter for "night shooting." Since the optical red dot is closer to my eyes than the iron sights, I need a lower diopter change to see the red dot clearly without starbursts even with daytime use..... Elvex RX-500 glasses are about $10 each.

When shooting and switching from iron sights on a pistol to a red dot optic on an AR-15, you may need to adjust the distance of the red dot further from your eyes to be more compatible and prevent the starburst effect. I have also seen AR-15's used for 3-gun that had a variable power one inch tube scope and a red dot mounted to the scope mounts on top of the variable power scope....dual optics...! The red dot on the top used for close up shooting, and the variable power scope for long range targets.....

I also solved the issue of my Elvex glasses "fogging up." I took my Dremel tool with a metal cutting fiber blade, and cut the wrap around plastic that was trapping my body heat around my orbital sockets....I cut off about 3/4" on each side, and this has helped to eliminate the lenses from fogging on hot and muggy days on the range....

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