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Originally Posted by combat auto View Post
I like both the grip Xtack and the serrations. The former because it is the best grip treatment out there IMO. The later because it looks good and is unique...I generally like the Xtac look, when the Xtac Supergrade promo came out with the black gun which also had Xtac down the length of the slide top I had to resist placing an order. But I just have too many guns now so I wouldn't know what to do with another. And yea, almost all of them have to go back at least once, albeit with my WC's only one each. My STI had to go back 3 times and it is only 2 years old. So I just as well stay satisfied with the awesome collection I have now.

That said, I'd like to see WC come out with the Xtac-AT-Dip option. You just send back any WC 1911 and they "dip" the gun in the Xtac-AT-Dip and it comes out with Xtack all over the gun. I'd send a few in it it was available.
I have less experience and really unqualified to make the same exact statement as I only have one Dan Wesson with the 25 LPI grip and 2 other Wilson Combats with their then standard 30 LPI. I would say however the XTAC grip treatment is very well executed and find it really does provide one with the ability to get a real good purchase on your gun. It really locks your hand in without being to aggressive.
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