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Originally Posted by nod View Post
From my personal experience, I think Wilson isn't the great pistol it once was. I have had my troubles with a pistol lately. I tend to agree that Wilson is choosing quantity over quality and something is going to give. I am actually waiting on two Wilsons just to point out I am not just busting on Wilson. I will say the other day I told my wife I was buying another pistol and she said fine. Today she got around to asking what kind and I replied a Wilson. That got me the "are you stupid" look.
First off, fair critique is a plus, so don't apologize for it. Anyone who takes offense to fair criticism over a vendor's guns is drinking too much Kool-aid because every manufactures has proes and con's and there isn't one on the planet which is perfect.

There is a concern over the number of models in my mind also concerning maintaining quality. But one thing we can rest assure, at least as long as Bill runs the company, they will always make any problem's "right" and stand behind a lifetime warranty.

The problem I have, is that many of these so called "innovations" are just different configurations and trim of the same basic model. They have had many examples of world class innovation like the 45 acp Flat-Wire magazines, and the X9 just to name two, and even the Xtac trim to some degree. But I wouldn't call this offering very innovative. Actually, for us shooting mostly 45, it is basically a non-event as these reliability enhancements which may be useful for 9mm are not needed for a 45 1911.

To put it in marketing terms, this offering USP (unique selling proposition) is basically the Trak's grip texture (for grip enhancement's), and wave frame rail (for reliability enhancements), and an standard 1911 extractor...I already have a 1911 extractor on all my WC gun's, the Wave-Frame isn't needed on a properly fitted 1911 in 45, and if I already have the Xtac grip, why would I ever want one these gun's? The USP is just not working for me.

I'd like to see some true innovation for the 45 community, which is still the most popular carry-gun by a wide margin in the enthusiast community. How about a high-cap magazine? How about innovated recoil reduction method's? How about an island mounted barrel sight? Etc?...How many times can they change the grip texture and call it innovative? ;-)
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