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Originally Posted by Striker2237 View Post

I do agree the 2010-2013 guns are the glory days, my 2011 guns are so much better than current ones they objectively outclass modern supergrades in tightness, blend, sound, and finish since high gloss is not readily offered anymore.

However, even that said, my newer guns 2017 and up all work 100% and take whatever I throw at them. That's what I want in my hard use guns, if I want something fancy I'll get a nighthawk or Cabot. If I'm shooting I want a Wilson or Brown.
All of my Wilson 1911s came from that approximate time period (2009 to 2014 in my case). So very interesting observations. Most of mine are SGs, but the non-SGs (Carry Comp and Hunter) are just as you've described (although I don't have a current build to use as a comparative reference point).
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