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Originally Posted by erf7 View Post
I’m in the “Wilson is releasing too many new models” boat, but I’m sure they’ll sell a bunch. I miss the days of classically-styled CQBs, Classics, and Protectors (the old Protectors). I find it interesting that Wilson is pushing this new Experior as basically being a decked out pistol with a ton of options out of the box. Didn’t they do that a few years ago when they revamped the Protector line?

I personally wish they would focus more on build quality - barrel fit, slide to frame fit, ball endmill cuts, rear sights that you can’t see light through, magwell fit, etc. I feel like they did some of these things better in the early 2000s and they are just pushing all kinds of new products and “innovations” (wave cuts on the frame rails.. really?)

And now, I fully expect to be bashed [emoji38] but this is how I truly feel having been one of the biggest Wilson Combat fans in the past and a previous owner of a few of their older 1911s.

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The rear sight is intentional for a good reason, it only puts load/stress on a known point and it's much easier to change out and doesn't allow stupid stuff like the sight ejecting since the blend job loosened it up like on all my NHC and Kimbers. Wilson is the only pistol I've never have a sight issue and my carry has been dropped 8 times 4 of them on the sights with zero shift. Racked countless times off my belt, heel, walls, car doors, tables, ETC.

Wilson does it right with sights. I do agree the 2010-2013 guns are the glory days, my 2011 guns are so much better than current ones they objectively outclass modern supergrades in tightness, blend, sound, and finish since high gloss is not readily offered anymore.

However, even that said, my newer guns 2017 and up all work 100% and take whatever I throw at them. That's what I want in my hard use guns, if I want something fancy I'll get a nighthawk or Cabot. If I'm shooting I want a Wilson or Brown.

My carry comp is a 47500 round gun, lots of +P (like 5500 at least), some super, and has never failed me and I've run it so hard that I melted plastic parts a few times. It's literally my most reliable weapon and it was a 2011 build that was and is still my standard for how a 1911 should be built and I have a twin unfired one to serve as my "reference" handgun all others are compared to. Even at this round count it STILL has that "sound" of precision and even though the awe inspiring edge has worn off its superior starting point allows it to continue to compare favorably to new Wilsons.

NHC guns are tighter, smoother, better triggers, but are not consistently good gun to gun and most importantly do not run like a Wilson. However if your goal is simply a fantastic looking gun they nail it.
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