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Originally Posted by erf7 View Post
I’m in the “Wilson is releasing too many new models” boat, but I’m sure they’ll sell a bunch. I miss the days of classically-styled CQBs, Classics, and Protectors (the old Protectors). I find it interesting that Wilson is pushing this new Experior as basically being a decked out pistol with a ton of options out of the box. Didn’t they do that a few years ago when they revamped the Protector line?

I personally wish they would focus more on build quality - barrel fit, slide to frame fit, ball endmill cuts, rear sights that you can’t see light through, magwell fit, etc. I feel like they did some of these things better in the early 2000s and they are just pushing all kinds of new products and “innovations” (wave cuts on the frame rails.. really?)

And now, I fully expect to be bashed [emoji38] but this is how I truly feel having been one of the biggest Wilson Combat fans in the past and a previous owner of a few of their older 1911s.

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No bashing from me. +1911. Good input and words of wisdom as to why most of us are in the Wilson Combat camp. It was quality, not number of features, that first sold me on Wilson Combat. Build quality should always take priority over number of features, models, etc.

Hopefully Wilson can do both in this particular case, but your words of wisdom reflect an absolute priority IMHO.

Also, improvements are good if they really are improvements; but sometimes there can be a fine line between an improvement versus a planned obsolescence type of styling change. I don't think Wilson has crossed that fine line, but this possible concern merits attentive awareness in future design innovations.
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