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Originally Posted by Rwehavinfunyet View Post
Most 1911 9mm guns from various mfg's use the same barrel twist as the 1911 .45acp, which is a 1:16 rifling twist rate.... this barrel twist rate is OK for IDPA at distances out to 25 yards or so....but for superb accuracy in a 1911 9mm, I believe a faster twist rate is better.

For any 1911 9mm to be extremely accurate, the first thing needed is a very good barrel fit, where the slide stop properly supports the lower lugs of the barrel, the barrel is a very close tolerance if using a barrel bushing or if using a bull barrel, the barrel is properly centered in the slide so the hood extension is a good and close fit and long enough to lightly touch the slide at full lock up.....

I believe the optimal twist rate for accuracy with a 1911 9mm is a 1:24 twist, or even a 1:32 twist (with the right ammo!)

I recently ordered a KKM Precision 9mm 5" W/N ramped bull barrel with a 1:32 twist.....it will take 12 weeks to deliver, since this is not a commonly requested barrel. I hope to build a very accurate STI 2011 9mm with the KKM barrel.....and since I handload for all my firearms, I am sure I will find a very accurate reload using 115 grain JHP bullets.....
It seems most manufacturers disagree with that.
Most seem to stick with 1:16 for 9mm.

Twist rate in a 5" barrel seems a lot less important than in a rifle.

Maybe is a dedicated match pistol?
But at what cost?
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