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Originally Posted by airgunbuff View Post
That is what makes this forum what it is....
Let the membership have free rein !!! why be policed by mods at all...
Yes sometimes a time out or reset will be needed... but having a group of over lords which decide what is acceptable free speech is .... well I have already said too much !!!
Just my humble 2 cents !!! we have meant the enemy !!! you know the rest.
While there's an abundance of quality members, theres still many that would refuse to stay within the intent and limits of the forum if not for clearly defined left and right limits.

This isn't a government entity; you have no free speech rights here. You're a guest of the owner, just as if you were a guest in his home. You're free do discuss whatever topics the owner deems appropriate, within the guidelines and behavioral limits he sets- no more.

This forum doesn't exist to discuss any subject, at any time, in any manner. It exists to discuss the 1911 in particular, and firearms and firearms related issues in general. If you want to discuss non 2A issues, or other interests, passions, hobbies, or subjects, other forums exist for such discussions. If you wish to discuss guns or any other subject in an uncivil, rude, juvenile or unregulated environment- there's forums that allow it.
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