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Originally Posted by moralem View Post
The name calling is kind of fun........and no one gets punched in the nose........over on one of my motorcycle forums they have a section called the basement or Jomama, where all the stuff not fit for print is sent and you can have all the discourse and name calling you want.........now that place is a hoot.

Ah!! Another advrider.com fan!! I have 1890 post over there. But I've slowed down a bunch the last year or two. Joined in October of 2004.

So, second amendment..... Trump is supposed to try to get through a reciprocity carry permit law. Since I live on the big island of Hawaii, and Hawaii is a "may issue" state, nobody but nobody gets a permit here. Every application is tossed. So, I wonder if visitors are going to be able to carry here? I'll believe it when I see it.

Hawaii. Not a welcoming state for firearms owners and fans. But, a great place to ride.