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Differing viewpoints and perspectives have always been welcome here- so long as they're related to 1911s, firearms, or guns in general. Likewise, differing political or legal opinions have always been welcome- as long as they're related to 2A legal or political issues.

For the last year, the mods have allowed a huge amount of off topic discussion because of the election cycle- in hindsight, maybe not the best decision. There's more than one member here who's post count consists of 50+% non 1911, non firearms, non 2A observations or comments. There's also members who have no idea of what this forum was like before the election cycle started....

The mods do a great job of keeping this place civil and respectful. They're simply getting back to the purpose and intent of the forum. If you want to discuss non-2A politics, there's places to do that....
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