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It seems to me that it is the desire of the owners of this forum to keep the conversation in this forum related to 1911's and such. I have seen no evidence that there is a desire to stifle free speech, or protect people from having their feelings hurt. It seems to me that the folks who are putting a lot of effort, time and money in to providing a forum dedicated to a certain gun might just have the right to ask you to limit your conversation to that topic. Did I miss something? I am trying to find the unreasonable part here. This forum is, after all, private property that the public is invited in to enjoy. But, like all private property, there are rules for its use. I used to let people hunt on my land, but there were rules. It was my land, not theirs. If they did not want to use it according to my rules, they didn't have to. They were welcome to find other land to use. Is there a big difference here? Seems like kind of a no-brainer to me.
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