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Thank you but what is wrong with being uncivil ??

why do we have to care if some little moma"s boy or snow flake gets butt hurt ?? Hell man this is the real world !! Everything which is wrong in this country can be seen right here.
Don't get me wrong, I love this place and the content. I just think men should be men rather than girly men. I know how to act and more times than not take the high road. But there are times when the TRUTH just has to be stated and let the chips fall where they will.
I want to be here. Hell a little discourse is good as it get the blood moving. I hate going to the range and seeing all the little sissy men playing with their Glocks. I know when to walk away from a fight and I know when to stand and fight. America is in trouble and you mods and leadership what to suger coat things !!
I like knowing who the members are here and where they stand.... This stance you guys have diminishes America and plays into the liberal progressive hand.
Thanks for letting me voice my views.