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Forgive me BUTTTTTT

What the hell are you guys afraid of ???? We are all grown men here and in my mind you guys are acting like nanny's or something !! I think we all have had enough of the nanny state !!
Now I know I am just a guest here and I try to respect all the rules but this is a bit much.... If someone comes here and gets their little feeling hurt so be it.... This nanny crap is what is wrong with this country. Idiots trying to tell me how and what to think and keep my views to myself !!
I know I will probably be banned or flamed but so be it. I am a free man and this used to be a free country. If a proud American can not come to a gun forum and speak his mind then America is already gone.
Sorry for being so direct and blunt. I respect this site but I have no tolerance for anyone telling me how to speak and what I can speak about... Good men fought and died for our freedom of speech.
I know this post comes on a bit strong but enough is enough Please try to understand. My family's sacerfice means something, act like it does and refuse to stand down. Political correctness is the bane of a free society and free men............. Just sayin !!!