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I find it sad that the admins had to resort to what has transpired on this forum.

I find it equally infuriating that, knowing what is at stake in our nation, that we can't pull together & fight those that seek to destroy our constitution & by extension, our nation.

We all had our chance to vote for who we wanted to represent & lead us to stop the erosion of our rights. And we all know who the majority wanted & elected.

By staying home & not voting, to me, means your words are nothing if there isn't action taken beyond the words. It means you're not willing to fight for the rights we all hold so dear.

Same goes for voting for someone who has absolutely no chance of winning (meaning some write-in candidate or for libertarian candidate).

Trump is the repub nominee. Trump is the only one capable of stopping the Clinton machine. Either we all face that & get behind that, or we can all kiss the USA that we all love goodbye.

And we'll never get it back either........not without a shooting war.

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