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2016 VA State IDPA Championship 24 JUN

Well, the match is in the books and Mumford Coldwater Shooting Sports Team had a blast...We shot 16 stages in one day. I was smoked. I had a decent match but, did not meet my expectations...I was 8th in CDP Expert and 104th out of 216 Shooters. By the end of the day my focus was shot and I made some stupid mistakes. Got my only procedural penalty of the day and 2 FTN(Failure to Neutralize) on the 14th stage we shot. I have to say flying in a private plane makes traveling with your firearm to a match much easier and a lot less hassle from the morons at TSA.you're going to notice that I go from stage 13 to stage 15, and yes there are 16 stages I have 15 recorded, I have a nice video of me standing up when I finished shooting stage 14 and walking out to check targets with the Safety Officers...trust me you're not missing anything. For your viewing pleasure...

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