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USPSA Area 1 Championships 2016

I came in to this match with a mental objective. I used to be so affected by shooters around me, times and places in the standings that I didn't get to shoot my game. I ended up shooting someone else's game and that caused me to falter in my execution.

This time round I managed to keep it sound. I enabled "match mode", and called my shots. If I had a bad stage, I mope and swear but leave it behind. If I had a good stage, I celebrate and laugh but leave it behind as well.

This allowed me to shoot my game and I'm very happy to be able to achieve 9th in Open. There were some stupid things I did but I knew exactly how I got them. I called all my mistakes and identified what caused them so I will not do it again.

It was a fun and fast match with lots of options. Thanks to the SLUSPSA guys for putting together this major match.

Shoutout to my squad mates, SQUAD 40, Super Squad... D.

Day One

Day Two
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