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Originally Posted by robot View Post
USPSA Marysville April 2016 - Open Division (GoPro Hero4 Session hatcam)

I had a so-so day. Came away with a 2nd place finish despite zeroing one tricky but awesome stage. Short and fraught with peril. Had some issues with steel and lost some speed on some stages. Overall not very happy with my 84% finish, need to practice more!

Fun stages and amazing weather. We had 99 shooters show up which was great for the club but made for a long match.


Yeah that stage #4 was a bugger. I Zeroed as well.

Dave F from Paul Bunyan put 4 on that right swinger with 3 of them A's in the crotch of the 2 No Shoots.

He shoots either SS or Production.....Don't know how he does it.
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