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Originally Posted by dead eye View Post
Old timers sustenance hunting in Alaska used 22 lr to hunt moose ( one 22lr lung shot ..animal just stands there and bleeds to death ) poachers kill deer with 22 lr all the time...death is effective just not immediate...whats the rush ?
Cougars were shot and killed with 22 lr while treed.

Today people tend to recommend a sledge hammer when a tack driver will do....what do I mean...just ask what gun for bear..omg the responces are hilarity.

I for one like to use the 22 lr to accomplish much more than it is ever given credit of being capable of doing within the realm of being a responsible humane hunter
One shot Moose with a 22lr? I am sure it has happened but why? Poachers using 22lr? Why not use a cross bow?
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