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I own two ruger 10/22 takedowns, one Ruger 10/22 magnum and a older pre warning 10/22 with many magazines, plus a Remington 552 Speedmaster that I bought new 45 years ago, a Browning .22, a calico .22. Plus a few .22 revolvers and pistols.
I have dozens of other rifles and long guns in assorted calibers so my plan is to hunker down and defend my home. I do not want to leave because I would have to abandon too many guns plus reloading equipment. If I did leave I would bring at least one .22 but I would also bring as many other guns as I can carry. I would bring at least two shotguns (Remington 870 plus a Saiga with two 10 round drum magazines) Also at least two 1911s in .45 ACP. probably a handgun and rifle in the same caliber. Maybe a Coonan .357 and a Winchester lever action both chambered in .357. Or maybe a .44 magnum revolver and Winchester lever action both chambered in .44 magnum.

Unless you only own one gun it would be foolish to bring your 10/22 and leaving all the others behind.

I would leave the house only if it has been burned down and if I go I would bring six to twelve guns with me.

This will sound crazy to many butI like the idea of bringing an old outdated obsolete M1 Garand with me. The gun is heavy, the ammo is heavy and bulky but if you hit something it will go down.
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