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Originally Posted by glocktogo View Post
They've killed everything I've shot with them DRT (dead right there). The HP on them looks identical to the CCI, but the accuracy is simply phenomenal in my Savage FV-SR. It's a one hole group at 25 yards and opens up to about 0.75" at 50.
Thanks for the update on the Fiochcci; I appreciate it. As I mentioned in another thread in the rimfire section, shortly after I posted here, I wandered into a local shop that had tons of CCI segmented on hand; no limits... I picked up 2 bricks- I may go back for more if time permits.

The accuracy sounds very good; its one of the thinks I like about the CCI; 1" at 50 all day long. The single biggest selling point for me however, is th segmented bullet. In addition to excellent to very good terminal performance on up to coyotes feral dogs (within the practical range limitations of course), the way the bullet 'fragments' for lack of a better term provides a margin of safety. The bullet simply comes apart when it hits something, and bleeds off energy rapidly. It doesn't ricochet... particularly helpful when shooting turtles or beavers in the ponds. I'd rather not have a round go flying into the great unknown.
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