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Originally Posted by glocktogo View Post
My personal SHTF choices are threefold. You need a good basic handgun that's tolerant of abuse and neglect, that accepts the most commonly available ammo. That's the epitome of a Glock 17 or 19. The envelope needed to carry a 17 or 19 and 100 rounds of ammo on your person isn't much of a burden.

Next you need a standoff weapon. My choice is a 14.5" AR in 5.56. it's good out to as far as you'd ever need to shoot and it packs a lot of firepower into a lightweight package, especially if you keep it simple and uncluttered.

Finally, you're really going to want something more discreet than either of those if you have to use it for anything other than taking down large game or immediate defense. For that, there's nothing in the world better than a 10/22 pocket rifle with a can. It will fit into a small satchel or backpack. It will quietly take any game you might encounter, or vermin for disease control. In a pinch, it would serve well as a standoff weapon in tight quarters. Think about it, nothing has pinpoint accuracy like a .22LR. Whether it's a foot, hand, ear, eyeball, whatever... if you see it you can hit it inside 100 yards. You can carry a ton of ammo in ready to go 25 round increments, plus a lifetime supply will fit in a small vehicle.

The short barrel keeps even bulk pack ammo subsonic, so it's very quiet with the can attached. If you don't have one, you're also missing out on a ton of fun. Here's what I'm talking about if you've never seen one:

Looks like a fun 10/22! As a sidebar, have you had good luck with the Remington Subsonics pictured? I've had quite a bit of difficulty with them, and I have thousands of the things... they seem to be very inconstant, some are supersonic, others are so sub sonic that they don't cycle the action.

To return to topic, a .22LR would be at least a second, probably a third or forth gun for me, defiantly not my one and only. I would want a gun/caliber combination that is EFFECTIVE for both hunting medium sized game and EFFECTIVE for defensive use. The .22LR doesn't fit this requirement; while it is capable of killing both medium game and people, it is NOT effective at doing so.

...but depending on how good you are, a .22 in the eye at 25 yds will stop the fight as well as any other rifle
This isn't really true, even a shot through an eye may lack the energy to do enough damage to be instantly incapacitating... not to mention that 25y is NOT precision shooting ranges; its CQB, flash sight picture distance...
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