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Two problems with being a doomsday prepper:

1. A lot of guys prep with lots of guns and tons of ammo, yet they don't keep enough food, clothing, and medication. Since most guys over 40 are on blood pressure or cholesterol medication, what are you gonna do when your 30-day subscription runs out?

2. Problem number two, the more stuff you keep to prepare the bigger the target you'll be for those who didn't prepare and want to get their hands on yours. A lone prepper will not last long out there, no matter how much ammo he's got stored away.

The nice thing about a .22LR rifle, especially a take-down rifle is that it and the ammo is extremely portable and you can take it with you no matter where you go. While not the ideal weapon for every situation it will do the job better than not having a weapon at all. Also, every member of your family can handle it, which is important when you need your 10 year-old son to stand guard while you build a new shelter.
Avoid the temptation to replace everything on your brand-new 1911 just to make it "better". Know what you're changing out and why. You may spend a lot of money fixing things that weren't broken to begin with. Shoot at least 500 rounds through it first, then decide what you don't like and want to improve. Regarding vintage 1911s, pre-1970 pistols are highly collectible in original, unaltered condition and should NEVER be refinished or modified as it completely ruins their monetary value.
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