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Will a 22 cal really have any value?

So I keep hearing this survival advice that if the power goes out, shtf, or any of the other scenarios of doom that a Ruger 10/22 or some other form of 22 pistol or long gun is the best for survival as a must have or first pick gun. You can carry a lot of ammo as it is light and you can still defend yourself and family if need be. And also use it to hunt for small game and even big game if you are a good shot.

Personally I think if the SHTF. Hunting will be useless as I am sure people will kill just about everything alive so fast that that option will be gone in a month or less. Any city deer and other small game will disappear as soon as the first shot goes out. 330 million hungry people have to eat and if they have to I am betting they will eat just about anything. Including each other. Dogs and Cats will become quite valuable. Any local farms with any livestock will be attacked or defended by groups of people and a 22 will get you nowhere. If it goes past 3 weeks I am thinking a 22 will be just about useless. You will need to defend your food,water,shelter and heat.

Sorry but this ability to carry 1000 rounds of 22 rimfire vs a couple hundred rounds of 45 cal or a shotgun with 3 or four pockets full of shells. I am taking the 45 or shotgun.

Am I right or wrong?
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