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Originally Posted by markbob45 View Post
The anti's know they have time on their side. Even if it takes a couple more generations to change the American mindset and abolish the 2A they are fine with it.
They will keep plugging away. We have to win every battle. The just have to keep trying. When we loose, Americans loose a little more freedom. When they loose, they loose nothing. They just try again.
Brain washing our children is a tactic they have been using for quite a while.
This is what they do on every issue. They never quit or give up. Things that started as an absurd idea by liberals decades ago is now accepted as normal. Look at what they've done to our country the last 50 years by continuing to push their insane ideas. Either through the courts or through legislation they will eventually get the gun control they want. Just need to push another generation or two through the liberal education mill and add some more third world welfare sheep through amnesty to the demographics and they are there.
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