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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
The anti-gunners fully know that the best way to end the "cult" of private gun ownership in this country is to deny children access to them while continuing to brain-wash them into believing that guns are evil and shouldn't be allowed. The tragedy with the 9 year-old and the UZI is something they're going to milk to the fullest.

For the Left, every gun is inherently evil, like some sort of voodoo talisman. It's more than ironic that a group that so frequently claims a devotion to science should so often consider a mere metallic object to be infused with evil, magical powers. Thus, they want children to associate only bad and uncomfortable things with guns. That's why schools smash down kids who make pretend guns out of Pop-Tarts or their fingers. Meanwhile, they mount legal defenses for teachers who whisk away their students into the backseats of cars.

It's important to always bear in mind that the Left's actions, from their point of view, are entirely logical. That's why you can't change their minds. For the Left, guns are the ultimate evil, while it's okay to sexualize the same children they claim to protect.

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