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Originally Posted by Grandpas50AE View Post
This one was one of his responses about waiting times that I found rather poignant:

In other words, spend some time dancing with the girl that you brought with you, rather than constantly watching to see who might be hovering over by the punch bowl. If you can't learn to find any immediate satisfaction with the Wilson gun that you "couldn't possibly live without" last year, how is the arrival of the next one really gong to change the equation any?

The questions are rhetorical, of course, but this business about waiting being difficult comes up fairly often around here, and I think guys forget that it really has a lot less to do with the guns than it has to do with human nature itself. I'm pleased that so many of you have other orders in the queue to look forward to, but I'll bet you're also overlooking some cool opportunities to spend some quality time enjoying one or two fine pistols that you've already got sitting not so very far away from where you're sitting right now.

This is good. I think I will read it to my kids today.