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Nice posts US1911 & Tracer. And thanks for the details about the service Ricky.

A few more quotes from the stockpile:

The Tactical Elite

Limited personal experience with the Tactical Elite, but I've never felt a smoother-cycling or softer-recoiling 5" 1911. The differences are subtle, but definitely present. For me, it represents the top of the line for a gun that will actually be shot, and not merely fondled.


Wilson vs Nighthawk

Wilson's is going to charge you more, make you wait longer, and make your head spin with a wider pallete of options, but in the end, that works to the consumer's advantage if he knows what he wants. Based upon what I see around here all-too-often, that simply isn't the case, and the would-be buyer is just trying to join a particular club. That is a very expensive and foolish approach to the 1911 game, though I suppose it is unavoidable to a certain extent. We deal with it even on the Wilson Combat board, as guys spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to figure out which option boxes to check when ordering a new gun, and then make 3-4 calls to Berryville thereafter (while they are waiting in the queue) to make changes based upon what everybody else is doing. Very few shooters truly seem to know what they want and why, irrespective of the latest trends, and it's all a bit laughable when you get right down to it -- too much of a good thing, perhaps.

The Dan Wesson board is going to tell you that Wilson's are very nice guns, but likely a bit over-priced, and they are happy with their Dan Wessons.

The Wilson Combat board is going to tell you that Dan Wessons are very nice guns, but they are sold on Wilson's approach to quality, customization and customer service, so it is money well-spent.

You can ask the question 10,000 times, but this is where the responses are going to take you pretty much every time. Go look at the guns. Find people that own the guns. Shoot them. Examine them closely. Then make your decision. If you're waiting to be persuaded one way or the other, you're just going to bounce around all over the place, based upon who's made the latest "good point" or managed to state their case most effectively, but we're talking about shooting tools here. At the end of the day, pick the tool that suits you best, and don't worry about what everyone else is saying or doing.


The cost of a Supergrade

Personally, if I were shopping in SuperGrade territory price-wise, I would be having Harrison or Yost build me something truly special. I realize the Wilson SGs are exceptionally fine firearms, but I still struggle with the asking price; especially since the SuperGrade is still effectively a "pattern" gun in the eyes of most who are truly serious about such things.. Yes, you can certainly customize it (within some well-established perimeters), but the end result still falls short of what I would consider a true custom gun (i.e. base gun of choice, parts of choice, no limits on machine work, total optimization for one's own ergos and shooting style).

That's why I maintain that the sweet spot in Wilson's lineup is still in the CQB/CBQ Elite range, or if you're a big spender, perhaps that would include the Tactical Elite. Above this, you're a Wilson fan paying for something that commands the respect of other Wilson fans. There is nothing wrong with that, of course; it simply puts you in a particular "camp."



The ETM is far and away the best option in my view, even though I still prefer the 47D.

47Ds work and work well. There are a couple of things to watch out for, and they play the 8+1 game better in some guns than in others, but I've never had a problem.

ETMs bring all of the same cards to the table, but with a few added improvements; most notably a slightly longer body length (about 1/8") that eliminates whatever issues you might have had (potentially) with the 47Ds. I think it can be fairly-said that the ETM represents the current "state-of-the-art" offering.

Both represent what I would call "best in class" feeding devices for any 1911. I don't use anything else, despite having played with CMCs, Tripps and the rest with satisfactory results.


HK 45 vs 1911

The HK 45 presents the logical cognitive choice.
The 1911 is the one you want deep in your soul.


On his own advise

I know these things because I have jacked them up before. All of them.

"A 1911 catches the eye in a way that only a true icon can. The gun is a part of our national fabric..."
- AC

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