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Would just like to echo Ricky T & Harley/Kimber's thoughts ~ Thanks for sharing that TracerBullet, you stay strong too Brother, keep fighting and resist the urge to allow something that occurred outside of your control to influence the spirit of who you are.

It's difficult to select some of AC's quotes/words of wisdom to add to this thread, because every post he made had some degree of substance and value. This short reply to an earlier thread in which I posted one of my modified pistol pictures, had a very profound impact on me. Not because AC necessarily liked the photoshop job I did on the pistol, but rather the fact that he acknowledged that it lifted his spirits. That assured me that AC was reading our comments in the WC & General subforums, and that he was genuinely extracting inspiration from our collective comments of support.

Originally Posted by Army Chief View Post
I had no idea that image had even been manipulated. You did some great work there, and yes ... photos of well-executed Colts (especially Commanders) always lift my spirits. AC
As we get older, we occasionally contemplate how we might deal with our own final adversities. We'd probably, or hopefully think that we'd do so with dignity, but in reality, we really don't know how we'll respond - because we've yet to be tested. However, this I do know; if we've paid attention to AC's battle, and we do our best to emulate Chuck's example, then at least we'll be closer to the mark than we otherwise would've been.

RIP AC & Thanks for having been here Brother