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Just got home from Chuck's funeral. It was a moving, emotional, spiritual and beautiful ceremony. I'll go into it a little later when I can catch my breath. I'm spent.

Addendum: 12/14/2013

It's been almost 24 hours since the funeral for Chuck Petrie at the All American Chapel at Fort Bragg.

The ceremony was beautiful, sad, happy, funny and like I said last night, very moving. Chuck's casket was covered by the American flag and a picture of him in his best blue military uniform stood nearby. There were comments by his pastor, prayers, hymns being sung, eulogy by Chuck's brother in law, a video montage of Chuck, and a final short speech by Terri. I managed to hold it all together until Terri spoke. Then the flood gate opened and it wouldn't stop, just like the moment that I read the email from Terri last Saturday a week ago.

Terri is a remarkable wife, mother and person. She will have a tough road ahead although she is a very strong woman. After Chuck is laid to rest, after all the friends and family are all back to their homes, Terri will be home with just her son Ben. I imagine that her daughter will be moving to be with her husband after their wedding later this month. That's when the house is quiet and she can really have a moment to herself to reflect. Her husband, best friend and confidant won't be there to laugh, talk, make funny face, and drink coffee with her in the morning. We all mourn and grieve at different level and duration. Surely Terri will have her period of mourning, grieving, crying and recovering. I wish her the best. I've been there and my Denise has been there with her own loss of her late husband. Hopefully the memories of good times and much happier times with Chuck will surface and carry her to happier days in the future.

Back to the funeral. There were people from all walks of life. There were his fellow Army soldiers from his unit, family and friends. Some have known Chuck all his life and some are new friends. A few he met through the forums We all adjourned to the fellowship hall next to the chapel for a beautiful reception. I was able to meet Chuck's parents and his son Matt, Matt's wife Betty, his daughter Emily and her fiancée. They're all great people. Terri was remarkably well composed after the emotional speech at the end of the funeral. She made a point to meet and thanked all that came to say their last good bye. I met a close friend of Chuck's, he is also on this forum. We had to get on the road for the eight hour drive home, so we said good bye to Terri and her family and made a point of staying in contact.

Good bye Chuck, I love you my friend, may you rest in peace.
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