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"I'm a Regular Guy."

In spite of AC's modest nature and humble spirit, I submit that there is and was very little about AC that was "regular". But it was his modest nature and humble spirit that defined who he was, and he was modest and humble because of his great faith in Almighty Jehovah God. I believe we see in AC a prime example of one who practiced what he preached. And I, for one, truly appreciate his example. As these quotes of his posts here indicate, he had a unique gift for words and the best expression of them. I appreciate the posts we have and the memories we have, but I will truly miss his comments going forward. I treasure his comment about one of my posts that what I said was "on point". That's one of the best compliments I've ever been paid.

Thanks to all who have brought all these comments made by AC together in one place where we can read them occasionally and remind ourselves of how we should behave and treat one another.
So long ... Pudge

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