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Some days ago, Chuck pinned my "Supergrade unplugged" thread.
I was very surprised and I sent him a PM. I said thank you and I asked "why a sticky?".
This was his answer. 100% AC!

Originally Posted by Army Chief

As a rule, I remove them far more often than I allow them, so it is definitely a case where the content needs to measure up to a pretty high standard. In this case, the photos are almost too good, as I knew that everyone was going to want to fixate on the "look at how awesome Wilson parts are" aspect, rather than the technical insights they provide, but I'll take that risk if it leads to a guy actually being able to identify a disconnector at some point in his life.

We cater to way too many masturbatory marketing shots around here. They serve a purpose, but they also reinforce the wrong kind of enthusiasm at times. I want the boys and girls to see some of the more elusive details, so as you may see fit to add to any of this thread, do me a favor and get inside of the gun as much as you highlight the aesthetics and options on the outside.

Let's show folks what is really going on in there if/when we can, so I can pull them off of the warm teats of ball cuts, case hardening, logos and chamber flutes. Show 'em springs and sears and links and mag catches and such.
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