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Originally Posted by Army Chief View Post
Balance. That's it, really. Don't be a fanboy. Don't be anybody's fanboy, ever. Strive to be an educated, savvy consumer. Will that lessen your enthusiasm for the Wilson brand? Heck no, it will probably only increase it, but you might just find that it affects some of your buying and configuration choices for the better, and you'll end up feeling just a bit less silly next year when you decide not to put your low-round-count Wilson on GunBroker in order to buy the next latest, greatest thing that you see pictured in the 2014 Wilson Combat catalog.

Study them. Invest in them. Appreciate them. Shoot them -- often. That is the secret to happiness in the high-end 1911 game. Skip a step here, and you will forever be chasing your tail.


One of my favorites. Chuck was full of wisdom.