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The use of the term proprietary can apply to a design specification in addition to the particular dimensions of a particular part. There is no guarantee any aftermarket parts will fit a Taurus or other 1911 on a drop in basis. Having said that, I am told Taurus collaborated with other names in the industry in preparation for manufacture of their own 1911. Magazine swaps can be problematic or present no problem whatsoever in terms of function. In terms of fit alone, any 1911 magazine should not be a problem. Getting back to function, much of that depends on various spring weights, the height and angle of the follower, the shape of a particular bullet and the oal of a loaded cartridge, etc. To say any 1911 has a problem with magazine x is neither an indictment of the pistol or brand of magazine. Other examples of the same brand of gun and magazine can give a different result.
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