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Originally Posted by peacebutready View Post
Isn't there a N99?
Originally Posted by Welder Guy View Post
Yep. As well as N100 filter masks.
Never heard of them. Thanks.

Originally Posted by combat auto View Post
Don't know...But appreciate the heads up.

PS just looked, that looks more like it is design for dust. N95 is still the gold standard for viruses and as far as I know of course.

This is the exact one I use, note it says 1860 medical along with N95...As mention, I take chemo pills every day so I have to use these in public during flue season (like food shopping where it is impossible to avoid people coughing etc). I've been doing it for many years with great success.

3M 1860 Medical Mask N95, 20 Count, Expire on May 2024, International
I'd take a second look at the N99. I vaguely remember something about it being better for germs than the N95.

Whether one decides on the N95, N99, or N100, maybe we should grab them while we can. Hopefully, they are still out there.
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