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Originally Posted by Col. Colt View Post
M Yaworski, so you're just turning your guns in and taking up stamp collecting - or knitting - instead? What are you doing here?

When it gets to actual confiscation, the other side has at that point declared War on the Constitution and the Rights of Man and is no longer a legal government under Constitutional Authority - each participant in the confiscation is violating his Oath of Office and is acting illegally - no matter what laws they pass, nothing trumps the Constitution, period. This is never about controlling Crime - it's about Controlling American Citizens "for their own protection". Right. Ask yourself, at what point would you be willing to stand up and say something?

With your attitude, the Founders would have never founded anything - they would have meekly surrendered to the mighty British Crown - and Freedom - here and in the rest of the World - would have never happened. Kings and Emperors would still rule, everywhere.

The Second Amendment is the "Reset Button" on the Constitution - the Founders understood that, fully. If tyrants seriously reach for that Right with concrete Action, they are only doing that so they can take all the other Rights, too.

Remember your history? Lexington and Concord happened precisely because the King sent his soldiers to take the guns of English Citizens. EXACTLY the same scenario. You do realize that there are many MILLIONS more gun owners than government enforcers to take them on, right? Tyranny can only win if we let it. But it takes the will to resist - peacefully through voting is my preferred method, but what if that is not enough? Just give up on Freedom? We must all consider this carefully - it will affect everything. Once lost, Freedom takes blood to regain.

When the Government has decided to use Force on citizens that will not comply with an unconstitutional Law they are no longer acting within The Law - they are outside of it.
When that happens a Public Relations Campaign will no longer be relevant - it will be war. Votes won't matter any more (some say they don't, now). Winning or losing will be the result of using raw Force to settle the issue.

The choice we each face is, do you want to die on your feet, or slowly, on your knees? Does Freedom end so you can watch Football in peace and turn your head the other way as Evil takes over and rounds up the real Patriots? These are the Questions we all have to ask - and answer - for ourselves and our posterity. And it appears, for now, that decision time is going to be forced upon us - unless we get busy and educate our fellow citizens. CC
I only have one thing to say. AMEN !!! I will never under any circumstances surrender my firearms...
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