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Originally Posted by M Yaworski View Post
A nice fairy tale. So God suddenly had an epiphany in the mid-1800s and decided that slavery was bad? Obviously, God supported slavery because it is mentioned in the bible. What about women voting? In 1920, God suddenly decided that women should have a voice in politics?

The next supreme court could decide that hate speech is not protected.
M Yaworski, God did not create slavery, or war. Man did. It was, however, the accepted consequence for losing a war - frequently due to the weakness created by ignoring God's laws - just ask the Jews who went into captivity in Babylon and Egypt each time they turned away from their God and worshiped other Gods. (Our Gods today seem to be money, power, lust and pleasure - not so different than what motivated the Hebrews to stray.) Slavery was a punishment for bad behavior - usually from moral/spiritual weakness - and it still is today - in your life and mine. Many people are right now, slaves to alcohol, sex, drugs or other pleasures of the flesh - and they worship them, not the Almighty - and it wrecks them, their families and their lives. "Nothing is new, under the Sun". Who or what do you worship, Sir?

And from what I have seen of your posts, you seem to know as little about the Spiritual Laws that run the universe as you do Constitutional Law - and nothing of the Basis for either. You probably believe that all this going on around us "just happened" - a "Big Bang" or something. That is probably not entirely your fault - anyone educated in the last forty years has been feed an anti-Family, anti-Country and anti-God worldview that ignores a LOT of evidence to the contrary, and Popular Culture reinforces it, every day. Where there is order, reason and logic, there is intelligence. Where there is no order, no reason and no logic, there is Chaos - and, usually, Liberals, Progressive and Democrats.....

And, interestingly enough, most of the Rights you enjoy yourself, like being here to express your views and debate with other pretty civil human beings in complete safety, came from these three Founding documents we are discussing - again, all based on the Judao-Christian Worldview. The only other worldview involves sacrificing children on altars to Evil - and unfortunately we still are doing that - but it's called abortion nowadays - still a blood sacrifice to selfishness, though. We are all paying for that, as we did for slavery. I would note that about 600,000 largely white people died in our Civil War ending Slavery.

God did not change his mind - he did not change a woman's role. Politicians did. So as for women voting, yes, though this may disturb your poorly educated secular worldview, God set up the parameters of the natural human family with defined Roles - with a Male Head of Household, who spoke for his entire family, provided and protected them and a Wife, who was his vital support in accomplishing this, the creation of a supportive Family Unit - bring with her own unique set of God given skills, all necessary for creating a warm and happy home. The concept of marriage was for a Man and A Woman (ONLY a Man and a Woman) to come together and become One Being - a new, unique bonded pair that would raise up their own children - in Love. With ONE Voice, together - and One Vote.

It is an unfortunate but known truth that Women are much more easily swayed by emotion and are, in general, not as likely to stand for a necessary political or religious principle as to bend in order to be liked, or to be known for being kind - even to someone who would likely hurt them. Each sex has it's place, and a specific job to do - and it could be argued that giving women the vote has given the margin of power needed for Liberal/Progressive (Evil) thought to overtake Reason, Truth and God's Law in the world. There are some great, brilliant women - but I have found most allow their emotions to cause them to lean left when left to their own devices, it's simply easier for them to go along and to avoid conflict - which is a necessary skill to a woman to ensure her children survive in the short term. But may have unintended consequences, later.

Resolution and Firmness can certainly be found in some women (Margaret Thatcher was a remarkable example) but men were left in charge by the Creator for a reason. Letting women vote weakens (in general) the political results we otherwise would have. Read the book "Brain Sex", a largely British/Canadian scientific research summary of the physical and hormonal differences between men and women's brains. Did you know that the Male brain's right hemisphere is smaller than the females? Or that women have 25 % more connections between their right and left hemispheres? Men and women are NOT the same being with just different plumbing - the wiring, chemistry and programming is quite different - and designed (by God) to uniquely suit us for our different roles.
Women are the best thing God ever created - in my view - but it's our job as men to provide, love and protect them. It is their job to create a home that makes our lives worth livng and both our jobs to come together as one and create children, only as a product of Love, to continue the human race.

I don't expect you to agree - you've been taught about Everybody's Grievances, Victimhood and "Created" Rights - (Identity Politics) which is not about joining us, but dividing us into little jealous groups, fighting instead of building and creating, scratching and clawing instead of cooperating. And all it creates is hate, chaos and strife, by not being based on God's Law, for man.
There is a Right way and a Wrong way to live - and the Results are visible.

The next Supreme Court could decide anything it likes - but that does not change one bit what is Right and what is Wrong, or what is Good or Evil - they are just fallible humans, like the rest of us. Freedom of Speech means ALL POLITICAL and RELIGIOUS SPEECH (it does not cover profanity, or yelling Fire in a Crowded Theater) is protected by the First Amendment. Them failing to follow their Oath of Office to "preserve, protect and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States" is illegal and should result in their removal. They have reversed themselves so many times (remember they said Slavery was legal, Prohibition, etc, etc.)

Whether you believe it or not, YOU are personally responsible for the things you choose to do - or NOT Do - in this Life, and you will be held accountable, one day. Each of us must operate according to what we believe - and we all shall die. Then the Truth will be known. Which Side are you on? And what did you support, Good, or Evil? CC
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