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M Yaworski, if you are NOT a government plant, here to spread dissent or "locate future resistors" you are not a very good student of your Country's History, and do not understand what the Bill of Rights, the Declaration and the Constitution all mean.

The Founders were directly subject to a LEGALLY FORMED Tyranny - the Crown of England. And, until forced, they were Loyal, law abiding subjects of King George III, who did plead for their "Rights as Englishmen" - under existing English Law.

They appealed to the Crown to end Slavery in the Colonies in the 1760's - and were reminded that they were mere Subjects of the Crown (NOT Citizens), and Colonials at that, and to sit down and shut up. A few years pass and the taxes start being laid on - the Crown wanted their money back for the French and Indian War, and all governments like to tax more - particularly a minority, far away. This - the tax on Tea, the Stamp Act, the Quartering of Soldiers - well, at a certain point it became too much.

Remember that the Revolutionaries were not "Wild Eyed Pirates" or "The Criminal Class" - they were the Leadership of the Colonies - who were well read (much better read than you or I) on philosophy, Government and Religion. The existing Colleges we know so well today as Liberal Bastions were DIVINITY Schools - Teaching people to be Ministers, and centers of open thought and discussion - about as far from our current worthless colleges as possible.

They understood that their First Duty was to God, their Creator. Their second was to their Families (because God held them accountable for the results of the household they headed up) and then to their Government. But they also could think and reason for themselves - and they combined their Christian Worldview with Reason to create what became the United States - and to write the Laws that created her.

You are quite wrong about where Rights come from - unless they come from our Creator, they are only as good as the next Election, the next Vote in the Legislature. Because Rights are from God, as was already stated - NO ONE has the right to silence and prevent another from speaking, just as no one has the right to disarm and make helpless another human being (you and your opinion - or mine - are no better and of no more value than his) - particularly for the Evil purposes the Left wants to do it for today. You were right to point out the Bonus Marchers - but you missed something - if the Bonus Marchers, skilled and bloodied American WWI Veterans - had been armed - the outcome would have been different - and more well known. THAT Tyranny, bu our own Government, in Washington D.C., would have been punished immediately - and the President would have been impeached for sending the Army after peaceful protesters.

The difference in a Republic and a Democracy is that in a Democracy, you have "rule of the Majority" (mob rule, in effect). In a Democracy, if it is voted on to kill all the left handed Albinos, it is done! In a Republic, everyone is subject to The Law - ("La Publica, The Common Thing") and so murder - even when popular and agreed to by a majority of voters - is NOT allowed. Thus the importance of an enumerated Bill of Rights - these are things that the Government MAY NOT DO - Period, EVER. Thus any law that prevents my Freedom of Speech, or Religious Expression - is null and void, even if passed by a majority in Congress. Likewise, any (and there are already many) law that prevents me from owning and carrying (it says "Keep and BEAR Arms" ) is unconstitutional. Why then, do States and localities violate our Rights and why do these laws exist? Because, until now, the violations were not serious enough, or worth it, to any individual, the time and money and effort was too great to fight it out in the Courts. That is why organizations like the NRA exist - to fight for Rights which should be self evident, but Evil Men ignore the plain meaning of the law, and through clever speeches to the uninformed, get support for unconstitutional actions.

By the original meaning of the Second Amendment, local members of the Militia (and that is pretty much EVERYBODY, now that age and sex restrictions are not allowed) should be allowed (and Required or Encouraged) to have in their possession the same kind of arms "in Common Use at the time" as the Military and Police.

Colonial Militias had PRIVATELY OWNED Field Pieces - their own Artillery - and trained with them. The Brown Bess Musket of the 1770's is the equivalent of the current (yes, full auto) M4 Carbine of today - and by the intent and meaning of the Constitution, we should ALL have one. Indeed, all the original Colonies/States had a REQUIREMENT that every male head of household have, in their possession "a firelock, and twenty charges of powder and ball" to provide for "The Common Defense" or they were fined every month until they got one. Standing Armys lead to Tyranny, so everyone was a member of the Militia, and trained together on the Village Green after Church on Sundays.

The very idea that "Just Pass a Law" gives said law legal standing is False. The law must comport to the Constitutions of both the United States and the State involved - almost all of which ALSO spell out a Right to Arms for "the defense of self and the Common Defense" for all Citizens. Thomas Jefferson perhaps said it best - "You have a Right, and a Duty, to be at all Times, Armed.

For those of you who don't know the Law, or the Constitution - or where it all came from - the Judao-Christian Bible, the English Common Law, and the Great Thinkers of Western Civilization, this may all come as a shock. Because of our failed Educational System, run by little Tyrants in the Making, you were Kept Ignorant. Time to catch up on the education the State denied you - and become a Full Citizen - who is as good as any man, and whose Rights are just as Valid, as the Presidents.

More later, if needed. Much of this is no longer taught - but it is all there, in the Law and History books, if you just look. CC
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