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Originally Posted by M Yaworski View Post
Originally Posted by USMM guy View Post
It is known as the amendment process. Anything else is unlawful and therefore invalid.
Exactly. So an amendment is passed that repeals the second amendment of the bill of rights. Now there would be no constitutional right to bear arms. Gun confiscation would no longer be anti-constitutional. So the police and military could pursue gun owners with a clear conscience.

Who would have believed that they could have amended the constitution to ban production of alcohol. That took little more than a year to be ratified.

You get enough liberals in congress and the state houses and . . . .
You are either poorly edumacated or a communist plant. The BOR and the DOI speak to a much higher power than a document signed by men. Regardless, there is another tyranny called tyranny of the majority. Did you miss that in school or were you asleep?

Understand this: NO MAN OR WOMAN ON THIS PLANET CAN TAKE AWAY MY RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. How much plainer can it be said? What is so hard to understand about that?
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