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Originally Posted by M Yaworski View Post
Exactly. So an amendment is passed that repeals the second amendment of the bill of rights. Now there would be no constitutional right to bear arms. Gun confiscation would no longer be anti-constitutional. So the police and military could pursue gun owners with a clear conscience.

Who would have believed that they could have amended the constitution to ban production of alcohol. That took little more than a year to be ratified.

You get enough liberals in congress and the state houses and . . . .
The 2nd Amendment was put in place for 1 reason and if we allow corrupt leftist to remove it without even putting it to use then I guess only outlaws will have guns and I will no longer be a law abiding citizen.
I am blessed to be able to own guns in a country where people still have rights. I am happy to be a member of the NRA, GOA, FPC and The 2nd Amendment Foundation.

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