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Originally Posted by combat auto View Post
I don't give much credence to the endless amount of chest-pounding on gun forum's as far as who is brave and who is not. It is just pointless talk if the bravery isn't paired with team work, consolidation of forces, and a plan to resist.
I myself do not claim to be exceedingly brave but actually I am more afraid of living as a slave to Godless leftist than I am of dying. We are all going to die unless the rapture happens in our lifetime. I pray the leftist movement is hurt badly if not destroyed in this next election. I donít want to go to war or be killed for not complying with unconstitutional laws but I may not have much choice. If I am forced into a situation that I absolutely donít want to be in dying on my feet seems much better to me than dying on my knees unarmed and at the mercy of those who are so fueled with vicious hatred for anyone they see as the enemy.

I do whole heartedly agree with you on the teamwork, plans and consolidation of forces.
I am blessed to be able to own guns in a country where people still have rights. I am happy to be a member of the NRA, GOA, FPC and The 2nd Amendment Foundation.
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