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Originally Posted by LW McVay View Post
There is the principle espoused in the DOI that mentions something....oh what was it?.....uhmmmm..... oh yeah, unalienable rights. Rights given to men by a higher power than man. Or natural rights if you prefer. Rights that NO MAN can take away. Unless of course a man allows it.
Solid points- though I believe some clarification is in order. There is no reference in the Declaration to a "higher power". That is a mid 20th century concept.
The Declaration clearly states that these unalienable rights are "..endowed by their Creator... " Later, that same document references "..natures law and natures God..." a very clear submission to the God that created nature .
Without an absolute belief in the Creator God, their is no "natures law", and those inalienable rights become a wisp of smoke in the wind....

Col Colt, very good historical narrative on the Declaration. The biggest difference between then and now is that then, for the most part, everyone had the same core values and beliefs. Concepts of right and wrong were very clear. Now, "diversity " trumps all- rven effective results. All beliefs have equal merit. The minority must be accommodated to the detriment of the majority. Nobody can win or lose, gold stars for everyone....
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