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Originally Posted by Col. Colt View Post

PS - For those of you who do not believe in a Higher Power, well, I thing you should reconsider that carefully. Because without Him and His Law, nothing matters and it's just a dog fight, decided only by raw force. I don't believe that - there is Right and Wrong - and I sleep better understanding that - and my place in it all. CC
Yes indeed, exactly...That is why Lefty wants to take God out of our society. Get enough people to believe there is No-God, then it will be even easier to get them to believe their are no inalienable rights. The Lefty "wins". The "state" owns people and people are only here to serve the state. Communism anyone?

Never too late to come back to God for those who have drifted away. Not only will it be good for you, but your belief in God will help fortify the country against evil (often manifested by the "Lefty").
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