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Amen, partproduction - I don't know of anyone here who wants to be involved in violence or harming anyone. If it comes, if will because it was forced on normal, God fearing Americans who only asked that their Rights be respected, and they be free to live and worship as they choose. King George thought he could ignore those backward 'rubes, too. He got a surprise.

Given a choice to surrender to an evil agenda (and watch it destroy everything that matters anyway) some will choose to fight the evil - just as they did in 1776. Some will not. Such it has always been. Good vs. Evil started in the Garden - and it isn't going away until the Second Coming. But let's all pray for Peace, and start getting out our message - of Love and Freedom, starting close to home, but always advancing our ideas - so there will be only verbal conflict, ending in understanding and resolution! CC
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