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When it gets to actual confiscation, the other side has at that point declared War on the Constitution and the Rights of Man and is no longer a legal government under Constitutional Authority - each participant in the confiscation is violating his Oath of Office and is acting illegally - no matter what laws they pass, nothing trumps the Constitution, period. This is never about controlling Crime - it's about Controlling American Citizens "for their own protection".
I've spoken with at least one retired LEO who loves the second amendment but ironically when I started talking about the BOR's as the law of the land he rebuffed me with "The STATES have the right to infringe on Federal law". I confidently asked him if the states could also limit the FIRST amendment, and he never answered me.
The states rights argument only makes sense for those willing to give in to those making such arguments IMO, and Mr. Yawarski is right I think, LEO's do whatever they are told to, many (Maybe not all) of them worship their authorities "word" and I mean that in the most degrading way possible, as in idolatry.

So.....OP isn't buying any more guns unless Trump is re-elected???
Did I say that? I don't think I did.

But please let's use our reasoning to decide what we would do if one of the nutcases wins, OK?
You're going to bury your guns?

I understand the notion, but what good are all the guns doing for Freedom that are deep in the ground? FWIW I read that the marxist left has the technology to find our buried guns, radars that respond to specific lengths of steel for instance that can be mounted on helicopters and scan many square miles a day, and that can see many feet down through dirt.
Here in oregon the evil spawn of hell came up with a law that said the first attempt to hide guns will get a $1500 fine (Going from memory here) and the second would result in years in the state penitentiary (This law died a birthing, mercifully).

So you better not bury them on YOUR property nor give your unsuspecting neighbor a stretch in the pen by burying them on his.

Move to Idaho or one of the deepest of red states? I like it, and have spent many hours looking for a frigging vacant lot far from anyone to homestead off the grid, I'm having a darned hard time convincing the wife to leave everything we have spent our lives working for to go somewhere where she has no friends and a very long commute to visit family so that, in her way of thinking, so I can keep my guns!

You guys all doubtless understand that in the end it's not really about the guns. It's about losing the greatest nation God ever blessed anyone with, and why? Because the swamp creatures have risen from the slime over 60-80 years to overcome the entire context of the Constitution. They really do have the power at this point and President Trump even admits he had no idea how powerful the swamp is.

OK, my point with the last paragraphs is that even the "American Redoubt" has become a place lefties, who have soiled their own nests, are moving to in droves! Five years ago you could buy land, an acre or two, for a couple of thousand bucks, but those days are gone! The lefties have altered the balances of the law of supply and demand. Now if they were all conservatives I'd keep looking, and yes, leave my home and business here to move to a few acres to live like a hermit in Freedom. But the new people are asking conservative states to adopt leftists laws! So it begins to look like it's only a matter of time.
Yes, it really would be better to die quickly than to live as a slave IMO. If a bunch of "Swat" members overwhelms my home at 3 AM and shoots me 30 or 50 rounds it would be far better than dying a slow death by cancer or Alzheimers, or what ever the alternative is (Prison?).

From my perspective this world is not "idol" material, not worthy of worship, it's all temporary and God promised believers a home far better than we can even imagine, and noTHING nor any pleasures of this life are worth going against God, nor are they worthy of comparison to the Home to come. That brings up another related point;

How many times have I read or heard someone say "When they come for my guns I'll (Place awful brutality description here) them!"

So, if someone like my retired LEO friend mentioned above is too institutionalized to realize that joining the swat raid on my house is wrong to the core shall I take his life without trying to teach him otherwise? How will I face God on jugement day on that one?

HE may have things to answer for but eternity is a long time for regrets, too long for this child of God. (Actually this isn't scriptural as all my sins have been forgiven, which does NOT justify adding to them!)

OK, if you have followed the few dots in my ideology so far.

I don't know what to do, that is, what I can do that is likely to have any real potential for benefit to the current growing crises beyond funding those organizations that will take bad government to court, over and over as long as is needed.

In other words, a cold war against tyranny for as long as possible. I can buy my next gun and fondle it, maybe even keep it after the BOR's is destroyed in secret, maybe even go way out in the deep woods once or twice a year to shoot it, but that's all a bit like "Self manipulation" (Avoiding obvious bad terms) when I should be able to carry it anywhere I want to any time I want to and if need be defend my life with should the need arise.

Having hidden guns, buried guns, dreams of FREEDOM that cannot be realized, that's where many of the ideas I've heard lead. Killing others at the minimum leads to a poorly mustered civil war, and IF we think we need that eventual option it needs to be done with great deliberation and serious soul searching, and to be successful would definitely require structure and solidarity, which means a new congress of some kind, with arguments advancing or defeating options, ect, and a declaration made in public by this congress that warns the slime suckers to cease and desist in their anti-Constitutional efforts once and for all.

But for the time being we need a way to educate those sleeping in the warm bosom of leftiest lies what the truth really is, that is, what their rights do for them and how the second and first and other rights within the BOR's guarantees Liberty to them, (and I mean starting RIGHT NOW!) and also we need to empower the legal wizards to sue the states and the counties and the whole establishment that is opposed to the BOR's and the Constitution.
I really believe we need to study realistic but effective alternatives to violence, stressing as a large determined block of people that we do not want violence but feel we are being pushed towards it. That point needs to be made repeatedly and often in our discussions whether between ourselves or when arguing in public with some moron at the bar, everyone needs to understand that it's not us who is driving America to war.
"Can the liberties of a nation be secure, when we have removed the conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?"
—Thomas Jefferson
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