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I could not agree with you more CC.

Originally Posted by Col. Colt View Post
Loyalty runs both ways - were Trump to dump Pence without real cause, he would be seen as putting political advantage over being honorable. Also, Pence is a well known Christian advocate - and that would instantly alienate a LOT of Trump's base.

You fire people when they do wrong or go against you. Not because they are not "exciting" to the public for a political edge. "Let's pick a WOMAN" to garner more votes - sounds a little too "Identity Politics" (the Democrats favorite evil, divisive weapon) oriented. People that vote on sex or race as a deciding factor are bigots, and not to be encouraged.

You are right that we need to start finding Trump's replacement after his eight years. First we have to win another election - then the long term strategy will develop. I suspect Trump has already thought about that....he seems to be a step ahead on everything else. Hide and watch! CC
But it is nice to consider a bit of subterfuge from time to time, even if only for the sake of amusement. Something along the lines of giving them a dose of their own medicine.
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