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Originally Posted by jamiesaun View Post
At least a former ATF agent actually knows what the laws are. The laws are so confusing, the damn atf don't even know what they are. I called my local office for a question once, and they didn't even know the answer. I can't even remember what it was about now, but anyway, they're a joke.
ATFE is about the bottom rung of the Federal LE, not exactly the best and brightest. I've spoken to the NFA Branch in WV a couple times.... called with a question, don't remember what specific. Recieved a less than confident answer. Called again the next day, spoke to someone different, asking the same question. Whas confidently given an answer that directly contradicted what I'd been told the day before....

Someone mentioned serialized parts- this is a carry over from the days when parts were hand fit. Guns produced on a very large scale (particularly in Europe, where a greater degree of precision is the expected norm) serialized all of the parts, because they weren't always fully interchangeable. The tolerance stacking from a large number of small, hand fit parts could quickly render a piston non functional.
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